Name: “Double stalk “
Type: Killer amphibian
Lived When: Permian (pre dinosaurs), 290-248 million years ago
Weight: Up to 35 pounds
Height: long and flat
Length: 4 feet
Weapons: Razor sharp teeth
Diet: Fish and insects
Habitat: Lakes and rivers in Texas and Oklahoma (which used to be swampy 250 million years ago!), also Morocco
Interesting Facts: Diplocaulus was an amphibian that could walk on land but could also survive for a long time underwater. It probably hid in mud or rocks at the bottom of the river or lake then jumped out and snatched its prey with its sharp teeth. Ow! 

Its head looked like a manta ray, don’t you think? That large head may have stopped some predators from eating it: they couldn’t get their mouths open that wide!


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