Name: “Heavy Claw”
Type: Meat eater, killer/predator
Lived When: Early to Middle Cretaceous period, 125 million years ago
Weight: 1.5-2 tons
Height: 8 feet tall
Length: 32 feet long
Weapons: Its huge nearly 1-foot long claws
Diet: Fish and plant eating dinosaurs such as the iguanadon
Habitat: Fossils of Baryonyx have been found in England and Europe
Interesting Facts: Baryonyx is the only known dinosaur to have eaten fish. It had long, narrow, crocodile-like jaws with 96 small, serrated (like saw blades) teeth. There were 64 on the bottom and 32 larger ones on top. This is a lot of teeth!

Baryonyx may have waded into streams and rivers to catch fish, like bears do today.


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