Name: Dimetrodon
How to Say: Dahy-me-truh-don
Name Meaning: Two measures of teeth
First Discovered: 1878
Size: 15 Feet Long
Weight: 500 lbs, the equivalent of 10 2nd Graders
How Old: 40 Million Years Before Dinosaurs
Habitat: Mostly Found in Texas and Oklahoma, One was also found in Germany
Diet: Carnivore, would eat small animals

4 Quick Facts about the Dimetrodon

  1. The Dimetrodon is more closely related to a modern day mammal than a reptile.
  2. The sail of the Dimetrodon projected from it’s vertebra.
  3. The function of the Dimetrodon sail is unknown, but it could possibly be to regulate temperature, used as camouflage, used as a sail while in water or to stabilize the side to side motion while walking.
  4. The Dimetrodon had very large teeth of different types set along it’s jaws.

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