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Dinosaurs for Kids!!!

Hi! I'm Sam and I dig dinos! If you're a kid who likes dinosaurs like me, or just want to learn more about them, Kids Dig Dinos is the site for you!

I created this site about dinosaurs for kids because, let's face it, dinosaurs are cool! It's almost like someone invented dinosaurs for kids! There's the flyers like the pteradactyl, meat eaters like T-rex, herbivores (they just eat vegetables like plants and things) like the apotosaurus, and sea creatures like the kronosaurus! I like the predators the best, like the velociraptor and the Troodon. If you don't know what a Troodon is yet, I'll tell you all about them on this site. Here's what they look like:

Uh huh!Oh yeah!Troodon's are the smartest!Great eyesight!Big brains!

And if you have a school project (teachers love to assign projects about dinosaurs for kids!), this is an awesome site to find out things like when dinosaurs roamed, what dinosaurs ate, what their habitat was (that means where they lived), what dinosaurs look like (I include a lot of my own dinosaur drawings here), and even who found the first dinosaur of that type. (Sometimes adults dig dinosaurs, too!)

You can even get a dinosaur coloring page of your favorite dinosaur on my Kids Dig Dinos Dinosaur coloring pages! I drew all the pictures myself, but you can pick the colors you want. And hey, if you've drawn dinosaur pictures that you really like, send them to me and maybe I'll put one of them on my Dinosaur Pictures Gallery. You could be the Featured Artist of the Month! Then you can tell all your friends that you're on the world's coolest dinosaurs for kids Web site: Kids Dig Dinos!

Don't click me too hard! I'm just a pteranodon BABY!

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Way cool dino stuff!
Way cool
dino stuff



Thanks for visiting. ROAR!
Hi! Thanks for visiting! You can support our site by starting all purchases here!


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