Name: “First Horned Face”
Type: Armored plant eater
Lived When: Late Cretaceous (99-65 million years ago)
Weight: Up to 570 pounds*
Height: Up to 30 inches at the hips
Length: Up to 8 feet
Weapons: Strength, teeth; hooked beak, friends (it ran in herds)
Diet: Low-growing plants
Habitat: Mongolia, North America
Interesting Facts: Protoceratops couldn’t run fast because it was too heavy to walk on two legs. But its long tail shows that its ancestors used to walk on two legs (the long tail is used to balance when an animal runs on two legs).

*Some places say proceratops only got up to 400 pounds, others say 900 pounds, but my favorite dinosaur book said up to 570 pounds.

Protoceratops had a really cool frill on its head.


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True or False: Velociraptors, which were meat eaters, used to attack protoceratops, which were plant eaters, but velociraptors didn’t always win. The protoceratops sometimes won because they were stronger.
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