Name: Ornitholestes
How to Say: Or-nith-owe-less-teez
Name Meaning: Bird robber
First Discovered: In 1900, a skeleton with a crushed skull of a Ornitholestes was found in Wyoming
Size: 6-7 Feet Long
Weight: 30 lbs
How Old: 154 Million Years Ago in the Jurassic Period
Habitat: Found in Wyoming
Diet: Small reptiles and birds

4 Quick Facts about the Ornitholestes

  1. The Ornitholestes is thought to have eaten eggs from the nest of birds.
  2. The Ornitholestes had long hind legs that made it a fast runner.
  3. The claws of the Ornitholestes consisted of four fingers, which one finger was very small.
  4. The long tail of the Ornitholestes helped it to maintain balance while running at fast speeds

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