Dinosaur Names and their Meanings

Names of dinosaurs are usually based on the location of their finding, or even the names of the scientists who discovered those dinosaurs. There are a lot of dinosaur names that you can find on this page, in addition to their meanings.

Something you may have noticed about a lot of dinosaurs though is the ending of their names. Why do they all have the word “saur” at the end? A fun fact is that “saur” refers to an extinct reptile. If you look at dinosaurs, you will find that they are actually large lizard-like creatures! Regardless, a lot of scientists believe that those dinosaurs are more related to birds than reptiles.

Acanthopholis Spiny Scales
Acrocanthosaurus High Spined Lizard
Albertosaurus Alberta Lizard
Allosaurus Different kind of lizard
Amargasaurus La Amarga Lizard
Anatotitan Duck-billed dinosaur
Ankylosaurus Fused Lizard
Apatosaurus Deceptive Lizard
Archaeopteryx Ancient Feather
Archelon Ruler Turtle
Avimimus Bird Mimic
Baryonyx Heavy Claw
Brachiosaurus The largest known dinosaur
Brontosaurus Thunder Lizard
Camarasaurus Chambered Lizard
Camptosaurus Flexible Lizard
Carcharodontosaurus Sharp teeth lizard
Caudipteryx Tail Feather
Ceratosaurus Horn lizard
Chasmosaurus Hollow lizard
Coelophysis Hollow Form
Compsognathus Elegant Jaw
Corythosaurus Duck-billed dinosaur
Cynognathus Dog Jaw
Deinonychus Terrible Claw
Dilophosaurus Two crested lizard
Dimetrodon Two measures of teeth
Dimorphodon Two-form tooth
Diplocaulus Double Caul
Diplodocus Double beam
Dolichorhynchops Long nosed face
Dryosaurus Tree Lizard
Dsungaripterus Wing from the Junggar Basin
Edmontosaurus Duck lizard
Elasmosaurus Thin plate
Eoraptor Dawn plunderer
Eryops Drawn-out face
Euoplocephalus Well-armed head
Gallimimus Chicken mimic
Gargoyleosaurus Gargoyle lizard
Giganotosaurus Giant Southern Reptile
Heterodontosaurus Different toothed lizard
Homalocephale Even head
Hylaeosaurus Forest Lizard
Hypacrosaurus Near the highest lizard
Hypsilophodon Hypsilophus-tooth
Iguanodon Iguana-tooth
Kentrosaurus Sharp point lizard
Kronosaurus Lizard of Kronos, named after a Greek Titan
Lambeosaurus Lambe’s lizard
Lesothosaurus Lizard from Lesotho
Liopleurodon Smooth-sided teeth
Maiasaurus Good mothered lizard
Mamenchisaurus Stream Lizard
Massospondylus Longer vertebra
Megalodon Big tooth
Megalosaurus Great Lizard
Megaraptor Giant thief
Microvenator Small hunter
Minmi Derived from local aboriginal language
Monoclonius Single Sprout
Montanoceratops Horn Face
Mosasaurus Lizard of the Meuse River
Mussaurus Mouse Lizard
Nothosaurus False Lizard
Notoceratops Southern horned face
Ornitholestes Bird robber
Ornithomimus Bird Mimic
Ouranosaurus Brave Lizard
Oviraptor Egg Taker
Pachycephalosaurus Thick-headed lizard
Pachyrhinosaurus Thick-nosed lizard
Parasaurolophus Near crested lizard
Pentaceratops Five-horned face
Plateosaurus Broad lizard
Protoceratops First horned face
Protohadros First hadrosaur
Psittacosaurus Parrot lizard
Pteranodon Wing toothless
Pterodactyl Winged Lizard
Quaesitosaurus Extraordinary Lizard
Rhamphorhynchus Beak snout
Riojasaurus Rioja lizard
Saltopus Hopping foot
Saurolophus Lizard crest
Sauropelta Lizard shield
Scelidosaurus Limb lizard
Scipionyx Scipio’s claw
Sinornithosaurus Chinese bird lizard
Sinosauropteryx China dragon bird
Spinosaurus Spine lizard
Stegoceras Roof horn
Stegosaurus Hoofed roof lizard
Styracosaurus Spiked lizard
Suchomimus Crocodile mimic
Supersaurus Super lizard
Thecodontosaurus Socket tooth lizard
Torvosaurus Savage lizard
Triceratops Horn face
Troodon Wounding tooth
Tyrannosaurus rex Tyrant Lizard King
Unenlagia Half bird
Utahraptor Utah’s predator
Variraptor Var thief
Velociraptors Swift seizer
Vulcanodon Volcano tooth
Wannanosaurus Wannan lizard
Yangchuanosaurus Lizard from Yangch’uan
Zigongosaurus Zigong lizard