Name: “Robber from Utah”
Type: Predator dinosaur
Lived When: Early Cretaceous (144-99 million years ago)
Weight: Up to 2 tons
Height: 16-20 feet tall at head
Length: Up to 16-23 feet
Weapons: Huge jaws with saw-edged teeth teeth, sickle-shaped claws on back feet, and sharp hand claws on the front feet
Diet: Meat, especially plant-eating dinosaurs
Habitat: All known Utahraptor fossils have been found in and near Arches National Park in Utah, which would have been highly wooded at the time
Interesting Facts: Utahraptor’s huge head had the largest brain for its size of any known dinosaur. This was one smart dinosaur!

Utahraptor probably used his three long claws on his front feet to keep hold of his prey, and to make slashing wounds in it!

Utahraptor was a fast sprinter, running on his strong back legs.


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