Name: Troodon
How to Say: Troh-o-don
Name Meaning: Wounding tooth
First Discovered: In 1856, a Troodon tooth was found
Size: 3 Feet Tall and 8 Feet Long
Weight: 100 lbs, the equivalent of 2 2nd Graders
How Old: 75 Million Years Ago in the Cretaceous Period
Habitat: Found in North America
Diet: Carnivore, it’s diet consisted of primarily meat

5 Quick Facts about the Troodon

  1. The Troodon had very large eyes compared to it’s size suggesting it hunted at night.
  2. The Troodon had one of the biggest brains when compared to it’s body size.
  3. It wasn’t until 1930 that parts of the Troodon were discovered that were not teeth.
  4. There has been a few Troodon nests discovered with fossilized dinosaur eggs in them.
  5. The back legs of the Troodon were rather large suggesting they ran very fast.

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