Name: “Egg thief”
Type: Flightless bird-like dinosaur, Killer
Lived When: Late Cretaceous (99-65 million years ago)
Weight: 132-220 lbs.
Height: 4-5 feet
Length: 6 1/2 feet
Weapons: Strong, clawed hands, toothless beak
Diet: Probably insects, small reptiles and mammals, fruit, eggs, seeds and leaves
Habitat: Semi-desert. Mongolia for sure, and possibly North and South America, though scientists aren’t sure about those yet.
Interesting Facts: Scientists believe Oviraptor would have run as fast as its look-alike, the ostrich, which can exceed 40 miles per hour.

Oviraptor nested on its eggs (often 15-20 at a time), which means the parents probably cared for the young. This surprised scientists, who, when they first found the eggs near it, thought it had stolen them!

Ovriaptor was vicious and used to kill with kicks and pecks from its beak. Its beak shape means besides meat it may also have eaten plants (an omnivore)


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