Name: “Thin plate”
Type: Swimmer, breathed air, fish eater
Lived When: Late Cretaceous (99-65 million years ago)
Weight: 2 tons
Height: It was too heavy to stand, but if it could, it would have been around 30 feet tall.
Length: 46 feet
Weapons: Good eyesight, and it could hide from schools of fish because of its long neck (its body would be 24 feet away!); also strong jaws
Diet: Fish, squid and other small sea creatures
Habitat: Open ocean. Fossils found in Wyoming, other parts of North America
Interesting Facts: More than half of an Elasmosaur’s length was in its neck! That means its neck could be 25 feet long — 4 times longer than a giraffe neck!

Elasmosaurus had 4 flippers it used for swimming; these may have helped it get around on land a little.

Because of its funny shape, when one scientist first saw its bones, he put the head on the wrong end!


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