Name: “Two types of teeth”
Type: Hunter-killer (flyer)
Lived When: Mid-Jurassic (180-154 million years ago)
Weight: If you know, please tell me!
Height: 3-4 feet
Length: 8 feet
Weapons: Huge head, crushing jaws, vicious claws (talons)
Diet: Fish, squid, and probably lizards
Habitat: England, Mexico
Interesting Facts: Dimorphodon was a pterosaur (a flying reptile). Because it hunted fish, scientists believe it had waterproof fur.

Just like birds do today, scientists think Dimorphodon fed its babies by spitting up food that it had eaten, right into their mouths. (Yuck!)

Dimorphodon had large eyes so it could spot its prey from a long way away.


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