Name: Cynognathus
How to Say: Cy-nog-na-thus
Name Meaning: Dog Jaw
First Discovered: 1895
Size: 4 Feet Long
Weight: 150 lbs, the equivalent of 3 2nd Graders
How Old: 250 Million Years Ago in the Triassic Period
Habitat: Found worldwide
Diet: Carnivore, preyed on smaller reptiles

4 Quick Facts about the Cynognathus

  1. The Cynognathus is closely related to today’s mammals.
  2. The Cynognathus had several different types of teeth, which means it would chew its food before swallowing.
  3. The head of the Cynognathus was rather large compared to its body size, estimated to be about thirty percent of its body’s weight.
  4. The front legs of the Cynognathus protruded outward like a modern day reptile while the hind legs were directly below it’s body similar to a dog.

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