Name: Allosaurus
How to Say: All-o-sore-us
Name Meaning: Different kind of lizard
First Discovered: 1877
Size: 35 Feet Long and 16 Feet Tall
Weight: 4400 lbs, the equivalent of 88 2nd Graders
How Old: 150 Million Years Ago in the Jurassic Period
Habitat: Found in North America, Portugal and Tanzania
Diet: Top of the Food Chain, likely ate other dinosaurs

5 Quick Facts about the Allosaurus

  1. The Allosaurus hunted and lived in packs.
  2. Allosaurus have sharp teeth with saw type edges. These teeth were often shed making them a common found fossil.
  3. The most complete Allosaurus ever found was 95% complete and nicknamed Big Al, it is on display at the Museum of the Rockies.
  4. A wealth of knowledge about the Allosaurus is know since it is a commonly found dinosaur from all ages of its lifespan.
  5. The Allosaurus has a top speed of 19-34 mph.

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