Dinosaur History

Dinosaurs are born! A pack of reptiles originating almost 200 million years ago, during the late Permian era, turn out as the best land hunter. They are classified archosaurs. By the time of the Triassic period, such reptiles develop physical capacities that make them dinosaurs. Those would be legs under their body, fashioned in an upright manner. This also includes special skull features that are necessary for adaptation.

Dinosaurs are split into three different ages: the Triassic period, followed by the Jurassic period, and then the Cretaceous period.

Triassic Period Here, we will be looking at the Triassic period in-depth. This was close to 200 to 250 million years ago, and it was extremely dangerous being alive during those times! A lot of the dinosaurs then were carnivorous, and they were often food for one another. Some scary looking forms included the Cynognathus, which was something akin to a half-lizard and a half-tiger. Another one was the Coelophysis, which was one of the fastest around. This dinosaur had the ability to hunt fast and eat prey quickly, to the point where it may have devoured its young at times!

Jurassic Period The Jurassic Era, situated between 144 and 200 million years ago. This period of time involved dinosaurs becoming the master creatures on planet Earth. Earth was very accommodating to those creatures, allowing them to survive and thrive in large numbers. There were tons of plants, trees, and a lot of food to eat. A ton of new dinosaurs appeared during this era. Those dinosaurs were actually the ones featured in the Jurassic Park movie. Examples of those included the Velociraptors.

Regardless, this was still a difficult time to live in! Some meat eating animals like the Allosaurus were the strongest on Earth, with the dimorphodons being the hunters of the skies. There were also a lot of plant eaters during those times, such as the Megalosaurus and the Apatosaurus. The archaeopteryx was the first known form of birds at the time. Other commonly known dinosaurs included the brachiosaurus, the stegosaurus, the compsognathus, and the Ornitholestes.

Cretaceous Period This would be the Cretaceous Era, which was between 65 and 144 million years back. This was the era when flowers first showed up on earth. There was a lot of vegetation available of the time too, allowing dinosaurs like Iguanodons to thrive! There were other prehistoric dinosaurs and creatures which were available back them. Those included velociraptors, protoceratops, pteranodons, kronosaurus, spinosaurus, giganotasaurus, and much more.