Name: Kronosaurus
How to Say: Kron-o-sawr-es
Name Meaning: Lizard of Kronos, named after a Greek Titan
First Discovered: 1899
Size: 34 Feet Long
Weight: 24,000 lbs, the equivalent of 480 2nd Graders
How Old: 100 Million Years Ago in the Cretaceous Period
Habitat: Found in Australia and Colombia
Diet: Carnivore, would eat fish and other sea life

4 Quick Facts about the Kronosaurus

  1. The Kronosaurus lived in the ocean and would move around using four flippers.
  2. The Kronosaurus had a muscular body and was able to swim very fast.
  3. The Kronosaurus likely laid eggs on a beach similar to modern sea turtles.
  4. The Kronosaurus would breath air similar to a dolphin.

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