Name: Apatosaurus
How to Say: Apato-sau-rus
Name Meaning: Deceptive Lizard
First Discovered: 1877
Size: 75 Feet Long
Weight: 44,000 lbs, the equivalent of 880 2nd Graders
How Old: 150 Million Years Ago in the Jurassic Period
Habitat: Found in North America
Diet: Herbivore, ate trees and leafs

5 Quick Facts about the Apatosaurus

  1. The Apatosaurus is now considered the same dinosaur as the Brontosaurus.
  2. The Apatosaurus could travel up to 25 miles per day and run as fast as 20mph.
  3. The neck of the Apatosaurus is estimated to be over 40 feet long.
  4. It is estimated that the Apatosaurus would have gained over 11,000 lbs per year while growing from a kid to an adult.
  5. The tail of the Apatosaurus could be whipped so fast that it would sound like a cannon being fired.

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